Hamletting: A 24-Hour Comic

Page Fourteen: 1:15pm-2:09pm

As of the last page, I had run out of "Lord of the Rings" CDs, so I switched over to listening to the original BBC Radio "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" series, which would get me through the next three hours.

Hitchhiker's Guide CDs

For some reason, as I started drawing the pocketwatch again, I initially thought to copy my first drawing from page seven. I relized shortly that that's one of those decisions that only makes sense when you're tired and, even then, not for very long. I got out my watch again and drew from life.

Shakespearian dialogue in panels two and six from Act 2, Scene 2.

Panel two is invented, but for panel six I needed reference for the famous Bowie grin (and didn't quite capture it):

Photo of David Bowie

You can see by the panel borders that then newer brush-pen I'd been using to draw them since the beginning was starting to run dry. I took to standing the pen upright between each use, with the point facing down so that the ink would gather at the tip.

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