Hamletting: A 24-Hour Comic

Page Seventeen: 4:30pm-5:39pm

Another of my favorite pages from this comic.

No photo reference, but I did use perspective lines in panel one to keep it from looking too sloppy and I used the bathroom mirror to help draw her hand in panel two.

"Not to be," obviously, from Act 3, Scene 1. She (and the artist, as well) had successfully navigated a confrontation with the master of the house and come out the other side. She's resigned herself to her inaction and, though not necessarily happy about it, is at least back on familiar ground. With the next page, however, I was going to be completely out to sea.

The "Hitchhiker's" CDs had finished up, so it was now on to music. I had Sparks' "Lil' Beethoven" CD close at hand, so that went in for the duration of this page.

Sparks CD

page 17