No Contest: Coyote Osborne:

This week's No Contest comic comes from the enigmatic Coyote Osborne (who stresses that he doesn't actually turn into a wolf at any point in the moon's cycle). About his comic, he says: "This was a quickie I did of a cartoon my good friend t'shai and I have been threatening to do for years. Eventually, I'll get off my butt and pen the dozens of strips we have scripted, and put them somewhere.

"The premise of the cartoon is that t'shai is a vampire, living on South Beach in Miami. Unlike the glamorous 'Hollywood undead' he has a little difficulty making ends meet... He's just too lazy to manipulate multimillion dollar mortal empires. t'shai accumulates his own legions of the night, but they really don't meet his standards. His companions include: Don, a werecoyote who answered his "want ad" for a werewolf; Pedro, a Fruit Bat (what's a vampire's domicile without bats?). Since this is South Beach, it's unsurprising that Pedro owns Torch Song Trilogy on DVD; Stan, the Vampire Rat. As minions of darkness go, Stan leaves something to be desired. But he tries hard; and Murky. A cat. Well.. Murky is shaped like a cat. Normally you get a cat at a pet store or the human society... not by sacrificing a pigeon to something without any vowels in it's name."

Sounds like a promising premise. Now are we just going to let him tease us with this information or are we going to pester him to make more comics?