No Contest: David Ano

About today's comic, David says this: "This is my second attempt at a comic strip. After reading web comics Zwol, Morning Improv, and others, I wanted to do my own comic. I sat down with a pen and a piece of paper and did one of those typical gag-a-day strips. The outcome was easy to see that I either needed a larger canvas or a smaller pen. I almost gave up hope on quality reaching where I want it in such a small size. Meanwhile at work I started playing around on the computer between projects. I opened up Windows Paint, which for those who do not know, is a reeeeally basic paint program, the kind of like the ones your kids use. Regardless, I found it refreshing to paint these digital pictures in a simplistic environment. Photoshop was just too clean and smooth with all sorts of effects that cloud the picture. After "painting" these digital pictures I decided to string them together with a basic story. Voila, here it is. Do I have a web site? Not yet. Will I continue drawing strips? I guess we will see. I sure hope so and I will keep you updated."

Update! David's website is here.