Character Guide

Major Characters


This is KATE. Kate has been a bit moody. She has moods. She also seems attracted to life's little oddities (which probably explains why she puts up with Selby) and has demonstrated that she finds value in things that are off the beaten track. We have observed that among her interests are comics, local history, and David Bowie, and that her sense of humor is subtle. A misunderstanding over her long-term relationship with Michael led her to cut her hair quite short. Her hair, at least, can return to normal some day. Her first appearance was in Zwol's first comic.


This is SELBY. Selby is impatient with the world and the people in it. This is probably due to the way that she takes everything with which she is presented at face value. Not often flustered by strange happenings, Selby's "fight or flight" response seems tuned almost exclusively to the former (but instances of the latter have been observed). Based on her reaction to Michael's treatment of Kate, we can gather that if she has a warm and cuddly side, she's selective with it. Her first appearance was in Zwol's first comic.


This is MICHAEL. Sometime prior to the beginning of the comic, Michael was Kate's boyfriend, though how that relationship stands now is a matter of contention. Aside from having vastly disappointed Kate, he has shown himself to be a decent sort (if a bit unnerved by the oddities he's encountered while visiting Kate & Selby). Though Michael was first mentioned on December 7th, 2000, he didn't arrive until January 8th, 2001, and wasn't actually seen until the following day.

Allen & the Alien

This is ALLEN and his ALIEN friend. Allen and the Alien appeared on November 13th, 2000. Allen is Kate's cousin who appears to have some knowledge of and/or experience with things extra-natural. The Alien has a large grey head. Kate moved in with Allen on July 13th, 2001. The Alien was nowhere to be seen. Allen's exploits with Kate when she visited him as a child were briefly related.

Other Characters


This is BOB. Bob's only appearance to date was on October 27th, 2000, as a dual tribute to the comic strip Waiting for Bob and to the real-life Bob (who was kind enough to say that he liked his guest appearance, even though I never consulted him on the matter).

David Bowie

This is DAVID BOWIE. Kate discovered Mr. Bowie inhabiting her closet on January 16th, 2001. Whether this is a sign of an unhealthy obsession with Mr. Bowie on the part of Kate or that of your humble author is too soon to tell.

Tom Cruise

This is TOM CRUISE. Tom Cruise is a highly-paid Hollywood movie star of great popularity who even manages to garner decent reviews from time to time. For reasons which are not ever likely to become clear, he appeared in nearly an entire week's worth of comics, starting on November 14th, 2000.

The Author

This is ME. I am not, strictly speaking, a character in the comic, but as I put in semi-regular appearances on the weekends, I thought I should be represented. As the author of this comic, I also get my own page.