Being a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

What IS Zwol, anyway?

It's a comic strip. Have you read the Intro page? Beyond that, is the brainchild of me, Greg Stephens, and its wonderfulness ensues... well, occasionally. A lot less frequently than is ideal. It started on October 23, 2000.

How do you pronounce "Zwol"?

Well, I pronounce it more or less the way it appears- as you might say it if it was spelled "zwall". However, I've heard others say different things when trying to speak it aloud, such as approaching it similar to saying "AWOL" by saying "zee-wall". I guess it isn't wrong, but it's not how I say it.

What's the process of creating the Zwol comic?

I draw it in pencil in my sketchbook; trace over that with black ink pens of varying widths; scan it into the computer at 300dpi; do image clean up and add shading in Corel PhotoPaint; add lettering and word balloons in Corel Draw (some comics I've hand-lettered, which eliminates this step); resample to 72dpi and upload to the web.

How do you create your web pages?

I originally hand-coded the HTML and PHP scripts in the standard Windows Notepad, but now I like to use Davor's PHP Editor for that task. I still fire up ye olde Notepad quite frequently if I just want to make a quick change or two. I test the result in a current version of Firefox, several versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer and Opera browser at varying screen resolutions to make sure everything looks good.

How can I contact someone at Zwol?

For the answer to that, click here to visit the Zwol contact info page.

I think Zwol sucks! How do you like them apples?

You're funny! Don't ever change.