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About the Comic Jams forum

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About the Comic Jams:

Comic Jams are fun, but they take valuable time and effort that comic authors could be spending on their own projects, so I'll only be hosting one or two jams here at a time. For that reason, please do not post any thread starting a new jam unless you have asked me first (and I'm likely to say no). Any unsolicited threads starting jams here will be locked.

You can and are encouraged to post threads containing links to other jams and discuss them here if you like.

Active Jams:
  • The original 52-Pick-Up Jam: 54 panels, each based on one of the traditional playing cards. An ambitious goal that hasn't been reached yet.
  • The Word of the Day Jam. 10 panel short story with each panel based on one word. An academic project started and organized by Spiderweb.
  • Cat Garza's Future of Webcomics Jam: No rules, no time frame, no goal, no nuthin'! Just like it was back in the good ol' days.
Possible future jams:
  • Chess Jam: Each panel represents one move in a chess game. Difficult long-form jam: length determined by the game.
  • Invite Jam: Each participant determines and invites the artist for the next panel. Short-form jam: 10 to 12 panels?
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online comics jams

Post by websafe »

I'd like to try an online comics jam. My website address is: http://websafestudio.tripod.com
If interested, please reply here.

online comics jams (addendum)

Post by websafe »

I am new to this game, so pardon if I'm not playing correctly. Greg, it sounds like you'd rather not host a comics jam at this forum directly, but encourage links to comics jams being posted here. My previous post was to allow folks to view my work and see if they would consider collaboration with me. Details could be worked out here, if that is OK.