Writer Seeking artist seeking writer who writes well.

Writer looking for artist? Artist looking for writer? Publisher or webmaster looking for either? Post here.

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Writer Seeking artist seeking writer who writes well.

Post by emptygoddess »

I can't draw. Well that's not true, everyone can draw. But for some reason i seriously doubt they, or anyone else wants a comic with art like this...


Or this...


The moral of the story is... I can't draw. Also... i can't spell. It's a sad day indeed. But, I do like comics, writing them, reading them, ect. And I would be, so incredibly grateful for a quality artist to take interest in working with me, i would be like there slave.

What does that mean? That means that if the artist had some idea they wanted to do, well I'd drop mine and write there idea. Editing and re editing it as often as possible until it shiiiined just how they wanted. Like a giant beacon of glorious comic brilliance! BLINDING ALL WHO GAZED UPON IT! CAUSING SUFFERING THROUGHOUT THE LAND!

So if for any reason your looking for a writer, and you haven't already found one... a very skillful action i might add. Writers are so common every time i accidentally walk into a bush 6 fall out... hit me up! Send me an e-mail at emptygoddes@yahoo.com contact me so the glorious double communication and Revelation of skillism can begin.

Reasons to work with me: ... I'm neat? Dedicated, and hardworking. Like a donkey!

Reasons to not work with me: ...slightly annoying, and not the best speller. (Which can really annoy some people.)

Yeah... well anyways, if somehow this suggested to you I'd be a good person to work with, and unlike me, you can draw, contact me. I can show off writing samples, beg, and even do certain Irish jigs in an attempt to appease you. Hopefuly to craft a beautiful comic related finished product.

As i love comics, and love telling stories in them, and i think together... *sniff* it could be magical.



E-mail: Emptygoddes@yahoo.com
AIM: Shifting Sodium
yahoo: Emptygoddes@yahoo.com
msn: emptygoddes@yahoo.com

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Post by Eos-Lithium-D »

Hi there my name is Apryl Eppinger, heres some of my work. Not all mind you so if you are interested in looking at other works ive done, please let me know.



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Post by empro »

hello :)
maybe I could help
check my works www.empro.pl
or e-mail me empro@empro.pl

eM :)

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Post by Enlyed »

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Post by DorothyLyons »

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