Seeking Artist for Supernatural Horror Comic [PAID]

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Seeking Artist for Supernatural Horror Comic [PAID]

Post by OccasionallyHere »

EDIT: The position has been filled at this time. A special thank you to everyone who submitted work for review. It was a pleasure to look through all of your samples, and I'll definitely keep you in mind for future projects!

What is the project:
While the tagline for this project is "A Supernatural Horror Comic", I tend to think of it as an "action-adventure, supernatural horror character study (with a lightly sardonic sense of humor)". We will be following the adventures of an irritable pre-teen who has a pesky habit of unintentionally raising the dead.
I am a big fan of the horror genre and a big fan of comics. But more than anything -- as I will speak to more in the next section -- I am a fan of dynamic characters. So this project seeks to create unique characters to follow on a bizarre and fantastic adventure. The primary focus of this first "arc" will be on ghosts, so I am definitely seek an artist who is comfortable drawing a lot of them.
This is intended as an "ongoing" series and I am seeking in this post to commission an artist for a 23-page first issue (with the option to also design the cover art).

What I'm looking for in the art:
The thing I value most in comic book is character design. I am looking for an artist that values unique, detailed, and expressive characters. The tone of the book is mostly serious (if a bit sardonic at times), so I do think a lass cartoon-ish style would be more fitting. But I'm willing to work with a variety of different styles so long as the characters are appropriately bold and expressive.
This is a supernatural horror comic, so we will be playing in some dark and fantastical territory. I do not typically write (excessively) explicit material, so I'm not looking for an artist who specializes in gore. There will of course be violence, action, and death (all essential to a decent horror story), but I do not want readers to feel that this is a gore-fest.

What I'm looking for in the artist:
Obviously, I'm looking for a talented artist to work with. But more than anything, I am interested in finding a collaborator. Inasmuch as I take responsibility for the success (and associated development costs, marketing, sales, etc.) of this comic, I am looking to find an artist who is passionate about their work. And I wholeheartedly welcome another voice in the creative process.
As said above, this post is seeking to commission an artist for a 23-page first issue. But I am looking for someone with a willingness to continue forward past issue one. The story I intend to tell will run for at least six issues, and that is the minimum level of commitment for which I would like to engage an artist. Obviously, I don't want to lock anyone in to a bad situation, so if you have a horrible experience working with my I don't intend to force you to continue. But I am looking to engage with somebody who is interested in producing an ongoing story.
I plan to separately engage (and pay) my artist for each new issue and am willing to work around your schedule. But if you are only interested in a one-and-done engagement for a single issue, then this may not be the best fit for you.

About payment:
This is a self-funded passion project, but I am dedicated to compensating my artist (and other collaborators) fairly. I would prefer to discuss actual numbers with individuals rather than post a blanket rate here, but rest assured that I do not intend for anybody to "work for peanuts" or "for exposure". Whether this comic lives or dies, I will be paying my artist and other collaborators a fair rate.

Who am I:
Rude of me to not introduce myself sooner.
I am an aspiring writer based in New York who takes this endeavor very seriously. I studied creative writing, marketing, and finance in college. While I do have limited published work (a couple of short stories in literary magazines), I am effectively an "unknown" who is looking to put in the time, effort, and capital to make this comic succeed.

Next steps:
If you are interested in the project, please reach out to me at the below email address:
Please provide some samples of your work and any other information that you believe may be relevant to the selection process.
I plan to "shop around" for a few weeks with the ultimate goal of partnering with an artist by mid-June. So if you do not hear back from me immediately, please do not be discouraged. I intend to respond to all potential collaborators. But this is an important project to me, and I do not take artist selection lightly. So I will be exploring multiple platforms and applicants before making my selection (even if my first applicant looks PERFECT).
I look forward to speaking with you. And if you have any further questions that were not made clear, please feel free to post them in the comments. Thanks for reading.
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Post by Master-of-Art »

Hi, I am interested in your project .Please take a look at some of my work here:

My email is:
My Youtube Channel: ... Clx2V9oVVw

Thank you




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Post by OccasionallyHere »

Thank you for your interest and for providing samples of your work. I will be reviewing submissions over the next two weeks, so please stay tuned.

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Comic book artist

Post by OscarZwol »

Hello! Please check out my portfolio

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Hi, I'm an italian comic artist, Gaetano Matruglio. I sent you a mail, let me know about it and thanks in advance! :)

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