Comic Book Artist Needed for Long-Term Project

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Comic Book Artist Needed for Long-Term Project

Post by stevegroganauthor »

In need of an artist for a very long-term PAID business collaboration.

Your role would be to do the penciling, inking, and lettering. For the most part it would be black and white, with very rare occasional splashes of color.

My role: I have written it already, of course, but my role is not done. I would be handling the distribution end, getting it published/posted AND making people aware so they can read it. I will also set up interviews (for the both of us) and submit it to review sites.

I must be missing it because I see no way to attach a file to my post, so instead I will provide a Dropbox link to the script. This is only Part 1 of the story. Although it might seem long, I can break it down into normal comic book issue length. ... D.pdf?dl=0

The comic throws in just about everything I love about post-apocalyptic fiction: the decimation of humankind, martial arts, shootouts, rivalry between survival groups, colorful characters, and of course zombies. It even has elements of slasher films and mystery.

If you are interested in a long-term collaboration like this, contact me (Steve).

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Post by OscarZwol »

PM sent
I´m interested
Best of luck

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send you a pm

Post by MezArt »

Hey i send you a PM, here is a link to my art if you didnt see the pm

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Post by RockAlves »

Hi Steve!

I've sent you a PM, I'll be waiting a response, thanks!
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