Hamletting: A 24-Hour Comic

Page Two: 12:36am-1:34am

On this page I more or less determined the visual style I would mostly keep for the rest of the comic, which is pretty much my usual drawing style.

I had decided that her shirt needed a white ruffle on the front, but since I hadn't drawn any such thing on the first page, I added a hand unbuttoning the black outer shirt at the neck in the first panel. I never really did work out how the shirts functioned, but at least it broke up all the black.

Panel three was sourced from this photo (taken from "Elements of Style"):

Photo of stairs

One of the main themes of the comic shows itself on this page and it is one which it shares with "Hamlet." The character of Hamlet is grossly dissatisfied with his situation, but has so internalized his struggle that he is frozen to inaction. The "To be or not to be" soliloquy is the most famous passage where he talks about this problem, so it made sense to have my protagonist in similar thematic circumstances while speaking those lines.

page 2