Hamletting: A 24-Hour Comic

Page Three: 1:35am-2:24am

More Act 3, Scene 1; More inaction. For a time I wondered if I could go through the entire comic without having my protagonist move from her spot. That would prove to be the ultimate expression of inaction, I thought, but also would prove most boring.

Speed was of the essence, so not every page could have a large staircase.

Panel three: "Hillo-ho-ho" is from Act 1, Scene 5.

For the main character's face, I had an idea in my head that was specific enough for me to know what she didn't look like, but not specific enough that I really did know what she looked like enough to draw her consistantly. By panel one on this page, I had found a face I quite liked and could see working with for 21 more pages, but by panel three I lost it again.

Who was calling her? Why? I didn't know.

page 3