Hamletting: A 24-Hour Comic

Page Eight: 6:32am-7:35am

As a time-saving measure, drawing a splash page seemed like a good idea at the outset. In practice? Not so much.

There was some amount of planning in the placement of the splash page, however, so it wasn't completely arbitrary. When printed in book form, splash pages have the most impact when falling on even-numbered pages. This is so that when the reader turns the page, they are suddenly confronted with a full-page panel. When falling on odd-numbered pages, readers see them coming.

I used the below image as reference, but this was also one of the very few times I drew a perspective grid to help the lines come out correctly.

Photo of library

The dialogue is from the tail end of Act 2, Scene 2. Even though this is the same act/scene as "words, words, words," and also concerns, well, "words," the two lines are not superficially linked. In the context of this comic, however, they work together nicely.

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