Hamletting: A 24-Hour Comic

Page Nine: 7:53am-8:28am

After the previous page, I took a quick break for breakfast consisting of a cinnamon bun and milk. A note here on keeping healthy during the creation of a 24-hour comic: I had peanut M&Ms and root beer to help with bursts of energy, but I didn't go through too much of either of those. I only drank two of the sodas and about half of the bag of M&Ms over the 24-hour period. It's not good to get too wired and suffer an energy crash when you're operating on very little sleep. It wouldn't be good in the short term and it wouldn't help with the recovery afterwards. I did drink plenty of water, ate unsalted crackers and made sure I had plans for three meals, perfunctory though they were.

Since I had taken a break, page nine was done fairly quickly, but it's one of my favorites. Again, the hand was drawn from looking at my own and the book (also seen on page seven) was the Shakespeare volume I used for "Hamlet" reference.

I have no idea where the idea to have the ink run came from... But it is visually interesting and something of an unexpected development.

In panel two I drew her wearing an earring, knowing that I hadn't done so up until this point, with the thought that I could go back and add it in on previous pages. Since I forgot all about it after this, here is its only appearance.

page 9