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This is the No Contest archive.

In an attempt to do something that will encourage more people to make comics, I've come up with the Zwol: No Contest. Basically, you make a comic, and I'll post it. Follow this link to read more about it.

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Selected Bookmarks:

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  • Tim Bram: "Hey, Rafael. I've got that new 'Evolv-A-World' sim..."
  • Simon Booth: "I always remember my dreams and I dream about everyone I know."
  • Jason Alderman: An Experiment in Simultaneity - "Mike... You aren't drinking out of the carton again, are you?"
  • Jim From Within: A new look at some old people!
  • David Holm: "What the f**k is Donkey doing here?"
  • Coyote Osborne: Vampires Have No Life - "I never claimed to be a neat freak, Don."
  • Matt & Doug Gilbert: Legs Akimbo - MTV Presents: Stories About How We Used To Play Videos IV.
  • Craig Clark: Disembodied Heads: "I know I gave up something for Lent."
  • Couch: "Christopher Columbus inherited America from his great-grandfather, Jerome Columbus..."
  • Marcus Loydl & Julia Bartl: "What are you doing?" "Seeing what takes longer..."
  • Desmond: "Hi, Pipkin! How was your day?"
  • Jack Masters: "Are you a lamp?"
  • Chris Fahlgren: Don't let this happen to you!
  • Ben Brockert: "Hi. What do you do?" "I write a webcomic."
  • Jennifer Babcock: "Oh, my petite 'Monsoir Smokey'- my childhood friend, my only companion een zis lonely, bleak existence."
  • Jack Masters: "Bow wow, I want some shrimp, yo."
  • Jack Masters: "Characters in webcomics (and other serial mediums, really) have an annoying habit of coming back to life."
  • Vizon Rok: Schultz: "Vot is dog?"
  • David Ano: "Work is often rather blah..."
  • Chris Fahlgren: "So let's say I have 10x of 'em..."
  • Beth Robinson: The Day the Air Conditioner Died!!!
  • Robb Tanner: "Zwol. Zwol?"
  • Eric Myers: "Good grief! You shouldn't read that crap!"
  • David Ano: La Trahison de Zwol